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Staying Mentally and Physically Fit with KatFit

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Do you ever go to an event and think “oh, this person gets it”? That’s how I felt when I spoke with Kathrine Bright, owner of KatFit

KatFit helps moms get real about their fitness habits so they can be strong and confident in their bodies at any stage, from pregnancy and beyond. Kathrine is a personal trainer that designs plans based around her clients’ goals and offers one-on-one training and online coaching. Her website –, Instagram, and Facebook – are rich with wellness, fitness, and physical and mental health tips. 

Show Topics

  • We thought it was a good week to chat with her about how to maintain your mental and physical health during these uncertain times. 
  • Postpartum exercise
  • Nutrition and what new moms should be eating
  • Breathing techniques for parents
  • How busy parents can de-stress
  • Coping mechanisms for stressed out parents

How did you get into the industry? 

I was burnt out trying to be a “100 percent career woman and 100 percent mom.” It left nothing to me. I needed a change and in my exhaustion, I saw a sign for a physical therapy office looking for an independent contractor-personal trainer.  I was offered the position and walked away from a successful coaching career and consistent pay. 

What is the biggest misconception about your postpartum wellness/health/fitness? 

Moms are broken and need to fix their bodies after having a child in a certain amount of time. 

What is the biggest piece of advice that you give your clients?

Postpartum fitness should not resemble your workouts prior to pregnancy. Workouts should be focused on re-establishing the mind-body connection, meeting your body where it is at, and listening to your body. 

How many kiddos do you have and what are their ages?

I have 2 boys, 5 and 8 years old. 

What’s it like being a parent and business owner? 

Beautifully organized chaos. It has taken me several years to learn how to prioritize my time, value my time, and be present in the role I am serving. 

How do you approach mindfulness and changing people’s expectations?

For me, when a client makes the realization it isn’t about the weight loss but rather the strength and confidence gained in their body. While many of my clients lose inches and pounds they can far more. It’s when a client tells me, “I  helped move furniture and didn’t even think twice about it,” “I went running for the first time in four years and didn’t have any pain,” or “I looked at myself in a photo and smiled.” There is no end to fitness. Fitness is a way for you to challenge yourself to keep believing in your own strength from within to prevail with all the demands of motherhood and life. 

The biggest piece of parenting advice? 

You have a Ph.D. in your child. Always believe the mother’s instinct. 

What separates you from other trainers? 

I meet my clients where they are without judgment. I look at each client as a unique individual to build a successful plan for them, their lifestyle and their goals. 

What are some of your favorite parenting resources? 

Main Line Family Education, Lang Ngov of Optimal Physical Therapy and Wellness

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