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What was one of my favorite things about pregnancy? Getting my Monday updates with new information on my baby’s development, size (would she be a Furby or gellie shoe this week?), and what incredible changes were taking place in my body. For nine months, I was inundated with what to eat, how to move, what to wear, what to buy, and what to expect during my pregnancy.

I took classes to prepare for labor, learned exactly how big 10 cms is (eek), how to swaddle, and even crafted the “ideal” birth plan. But I was in for a surprise when I got home from the hospital with my baby. I felt so ready to take care of her, and absolutely clueless when it came to taking care of me after delivery. I’m not alone. 


It’s what inspired me to start this podcast. Below you’ll find advice from parenting experts with info about what I wish I knew about pregnancy, new motherhood, and postpartum life: 

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