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to help new parents navigate postpartum life. 

From bottles to books, spit-up to social media, and everything in between, each week, I interview parenting experts to help me navigate postpartum life and my life after baby.


Ever said, "Well, I wish I knew about that sooner?"


You've come to the right place. 

For Moms-To-Be

There is a reason why new parenthood is called "survival" mode. Learn how to make the transition easier with expert advice about managing pregnancy, new motherhood, and postpartum life.

For New Parents

From what to eat after a baby to how to feel after delivery, crafting a postpartum plan to managing your post-baby body and relationships, I interview experts on topics that I wish I learned about sooner.

For Every Parent

It takes a village to raise a parent and a child. We've gathered our favorite resources on everything from raising a reader to how to be a more organized parent.

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Latest Posts

Ep. 25: From Bedtime to Blogging with Hello, West Chester

Necessity is the motherhood of invention, especially when it comes… Read More »Ep. 25: From Bedtime to Blogging with Hello, West Chester

Charity + Donation Guide

We chatted with local organizations about how they help Chester County families and what they need most during this time of year.

Holiday Toy, Clothing, and Supply Drives

We’ve rounded up local charities that are hosting holiday gift and clothing drives.

Moms Supporting Moms Gift Guide

Inspired by a post looking for homemade holiday gifts in the West Chester, PA Moms Facebook Group, we’ve gathered small shops to support this holiday season.

Happy World Nursery Rhymes Week

Humpty Dumpty sang a nursery rhyme, little did he know… Read More »Happy World Nursery Rhymes Week

Ep. 24: Babyproofing Your Relationship with The Bringing Baby Home Course

By offering the Bringing Baby Home program, they hope to empower new parents to strengthen their relationships and embrace their new roles.


Ep. 23: How to Set Up Your At-Home Learning Station

Schools around the country started back up this week and a lot of parents are left wondering how to transform their homes into a classroom.

Ep. 22: What’s a Momager? with Melanie Thomas-Cook

In honor of World Entrepreneurs’ Day, we gathered advice from new and veteran moms and business owners about how to navigate both worlds, while fulfilling your dreams and helping kids achieve theirs.

How to Prepare to Breastfeed While Pregnant

After a few weeks into breastfeeding, I quickly realized that I had a lot to still learn about breastfeeding beyond the 4-hour class I took.

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