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How to Prevent and Handle In-Store Meltdowns

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We don’t always have all of the answers, that’s why we need to help each other out. We polled local parents about ways to prevent and handle in-store meltdowns.

How to Prevent In-Store Melt-Downs:

  • Go when they’re well-rested and fed.
  • Set expectations as to what they will or will not get when we are shopping.
  • Ask your kids to help help you find items in the store to keep them busy.
  • Come with a list and stick to it.
  • If you can order online, or opt for in-store, or even better, curbside pick up or grocery delivery, that’s always time saved and meltdowns avoided!
  • Bring a friend!

How to Handle In-Store Melt-Downs:

  • Take them out of public view if possible. Get down on their level. Keep your voice soft. Acknowledge their feelings: “You’re angry I wouldn’t let you have the candy bar.”
  • Leave as soon as you’re able. Give them time to calm down.
  • If nothing works and there is a meltdown, breathe and then be receptive of the feelings by acknowledging them. Ask them if they like to be hugged. But you just have to ride the high tide.
  • Keep calm during meltdowns. Don’t feel embarrassed. That’s what kid is counting on. Make it funny! Be prepared for fellow shoppers who may help with witty remarks and who will not help by giving your family stares. 🙂 Be prepared for both conditions.
  • Accept and ask for help.
  • Bring a friend!

Want even more tips for shopping success? Become a consignment store expert thanks to Megan from Once Upon a Child.

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