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Ep. 28: Navigating Life as a Work-from-home Parent

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2020 has redefined work-life balance. Today’s guest is Hilary Sutton, a writer, consultant, speaker, content creator, and mama of two. She shared her tips for managing life as a work-from-home parent and how to cultivate a rich personal and professional life. 

Hilary Sutton is a writer, consultant, CEO of HSL Digital, and speaker who is passionate about telling stories that are begging to be told. 

In 2013 Hilary started a blog to explore social media, creativity, personal development, and writing. Two years later she launched HSL Courses to provide workshop-style teaching around concepts that had grown popular on her blog. 

Hilary lives in the Washington D.C. Metro Area with her husband and daughter. She loves running the amazing trails in Virginia, live theatre, and red velvet cake.

"Don't operate under the assumption that it has to be a certain way, because there might be a different way to do it."
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