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Ep. 27: How long does it actually take to heal after a baby?

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It takes nine months to make a baby, so why do we expect to “bounce back” after birth in just six weeks? Drs. Susan Cicala and Stephanie Bamford of WellFit break down how a baby changes your body during and after pregnancy, how long it takes to recover post-baby, and ways to avoid common postpartum issues. 

As doctors of physical therapy, WellFit provides a full-service wellness program that is tailor-made for your body and medical history. 

They evaluate your posture, movement, and fitness level to develop a safe and effective plan for your needs. You get all the equipment, accountability, and hands-on guidance you need to achieve your goals.

They are licensed and insured, offering virtual and in-home consultations across northern Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania.

"Susan and I have talked about this a lot because we're physical therapists. We felt like we were blindsided by some of the issues. Just because it's not talked about, women have babies, and especially in the media, they bounce back, supposedly, and it's just not typical."
"I think we get into some habits because of pregnancy and it's a long time in our body. And then just retraining or having some education of this is how my non-pregnant self needs to move and breathe is very important."
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