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Ep. 26: Bonding with Your Baby Through Music with Crystal Murphy Music

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This week, we are joined by local mom, musician, songwriter, and music teacher, Crystal Murphy. Crystal Murphy Music is a ukulele-based business that was created from a love of music, teaching others, and being silly. All services offered foster creativity, teamwork, networking, and social development for all ages. We chatted about how to bond with your baby through music, when and how to introduce music to your child, and the benefits of music.

Shake Your Sillies is a music program designed to teach and educate young children through music and pure silliness! We focus on movement, age-appropriate education (e.g. counting, rhythm, social skills, etc), imagination, and community building through songs you know and even some original songs by Crystal Murphy.

No instruments at home? No problem! Grab whatever you can find — yogurt containers, whisks, pots, and pans, or fill up a toilet roll with beans. 

"In the baby classes, it's all about the parents. It's about teaching the parents to interact with and be with their babies, which I can appreciate. As a mom of two, I don't get a lot of one on one time with my little baby. So I know that sometimes it was nice for those classes to have just been able to look at your baby and have that really intense one on one time and just be absorbed in each other."
Crystal Murphy
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