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Ep. 23: How to Set Up Your At-Home Learning Station

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Schools around the country started back up this week and a lot of parents are left wondering how to transform their homes into a classroom. We brought in a pediatric physical therapist and Play at Home PT owner, Dr. Stephanie Lint, to talk about how parents can set up their home for virtual learning. The tips are great for parents working from home too! 

Episode Topics and Resources:

  • The best ergonomic setup for your home classroom (and tips for you too)
  • The 90-90-90 rule
  • Pathways 
  • Yearly Milestones
  • Pink Oatmeal Blog – An Instagram account for exercises for school-aged kids
  • ALinclusivetherapy – An Instagram account that has great tips for school-aged kids regarding overall development
  • Stretches kids can do to warm up the day
  • Positions for kids to hold while learning at home
  • How to sit correctly while working from home (without pain)
  • Ways for fidgety kids to stay focused while learning virtually.

Learn More About Stephanie:

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