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Hey, New Parents!

Did you feel overwhelmed by info and resources from the moment you became pregnant until you delivered?

Or that you were prepared to take care of the baby but not yourself? 


That’s why I created this podcast. From bottles to books, spit-up to social media, and everything in between, each week, I interview parenting experts to help me navigate postpartum life and new motherhood.

Hi! I'm Leslie, Your Host.

At the start of my parenting journey, I welcomed our first, Ava, into the world in May 2019. Despite doing my homework during pregnancy, I felt wholly unprepared when my daughter was born. I realized I learned how to take care of her, but not myself. So, my second "child" (with way less spit-up) was born in September 2019.When I'm not awing at Ava, you can find me writing, traveling, hiking, finding new places to play, planning events, and helping brands tell their stories.

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