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40 Ways Social Distancing is Like the 4th Trimester

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Unpredictability. Someone in the house is always crying. You are constantly snacking. You miss the most menial errand and alone time. For moms, these feelings are all too familiar. Social Distancing feels a lot like those emotional, life-changing weeks after you brought your little one home (with fewer adult diapers). 

  • You live on coffee.
  • Calendars no longer matter, and no one has a concept of the day, time, or place. It’s Blursday, btw. 
  • Maybe you will shower today?
  • You may cry at any time. 
  • The idea of real pants is hilarious. 
  • Eating has become your new favorite pastime. 
  • “Trust Your Gut” is your mantra.
  • You have no idea what you’re doing and if it is correct.
  • You are overwhelmed with information from all directions. 
  • It turns out there is an end of the Netflix queue.
  • Don’t google that!
  • Bring on the wine. 
  • Takeout, delivery, easy meals are everything. 
  • You bounce from emotion to emotion, often within a 10-minute span. 
  • You have FOMO. Slow the scroll. 
  • You miss your old life.
  • A month feels like eight years.
  • You are around people and still feel lonely. 
  • You need to rethink your to-do list and what you can actually achieve in a day. 
  • Don’t listen to Dr. Google. 
  • Dry Shampoo. ?
  • “Me time” is essential, even if it is for two minutes.
  • You fantasize about the gym.
  • All you want to do is eat, nap, shower, and be alone, preferably at the same time. 
  • You’re hyper-vigilant about any sound, sniffle, or sneeze.
  • It is a constant battle between staying up for some adult time or be exhausted the day.
  • You and your partner will fight.
  • Confused pets.
  • You need to be gentle and take it easy on yourself.
  • A clean house. What’s that?
  • You miss work and small talk around the water cooler.
  • Identity Crisis
  • You have no idea what you did today or how it is already 8 o’clock.
  • This is new. It’s ok to feel how you’re feeling.
  • You’re up at 3 am googling something you shouldn’t.
  • You will be stronger on the other side. 
  • What’s a predictable schedule again? 
  • You really just want a relaxing hot tub, pool, or beach.
  • Your support network and calls are everything.
  • Communication is so important right now. 
  • This too shall pass. 
  • You need to take it one day at a time. 
  • You got this. Stay strong.
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